Shy away…

I was so excited to be accepted in an Art Exhibit at a friend’s gallery in Ft Lauderdale… I bombarded my social media with clever promotional material, recorded an interview and created a trailer. All was well until the night of the opening… I felt awful about being there. I felt like a fraud. I left before the guests even arrived.

Artists–friends of mine–shared that this happened to them when they started. The funny thing is that I only received positive feedback, but in my mind, that praise was translated as “you suck, but I don’t have the heart or time to tell you the truth”. I figured that it was my inner resistance activated by the pursuit of my desire.

The truth is that I can’t help it. I need to create. It’s a unstoppable impulse that I’m constantly balancing with the other aspects of my life.

If you’re curious, my installation “Reflected” is going to be up until Dec 12, 2015 at 1310 Gallery in Ft Lauderdale.

REFLECTED –The trailer

REFLECTED –An interview about my motivations and intention with this installation



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