Being thankful for the things we dislike IS unconditional love

Feeling ‪gratitude‬ for the good things in our life is great; but what’s extraordinary and worth focusing our attention on, is to feel grateful for the unpleasant things—the ‪annoying‬ behaviors of family, friends and colleagues. The truth is that they are annoying us to show us an aspect of ourselves that’s otherwise invisible, and isn’t serving us any longer.

Let me give you an example. My husband is very annoying when he’s late because I’m an extremely punctual person. I feel that I am right and he’s wrong because, in my experience, you can be punished for being late (when I was a ballet dancer, if I was late, I had to watch the class from a bench, which was extremely embarrassing). But as a matter of fact, he’s in my life to make me less fearful of being late. Isn’t that enough reason to feel grateful for?


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