This Christmas, I’m giving myself the gift of a Bottle of Time

Imagine if you could buy a Bottle of Time that, instead of being filled with drops of water like the traditional bottle of water, contains empty minutes.
Walking our dog, my husband and I were talking about scarcity and the role it plays in economic growth. He explained that scarcity, in those terms, is not about lack but about opportunity. For example, when you go to Disney World in Orlando, you buy a bottle of water, not because there isn’t enough water in Florida, but because there’s no cold and filtered water available anywhere else but in the refrigerators of restaurants and kiosks conveniently located in every corner of the park. Four dollars for that seems like a bargain, and we’re happy to spend it more than once.

But nowadays, what’s more scarce than anything else, is time, time to do NOTHING. So I went online to check if anyone would sell me a Bottle of Time. I could only find an artist in Oregon ( who makes jewelry out of old watches. I thought that at least I could use it as reminder for adding Empty Minutes—of nothingness—to my days.

Imagine if we could add 5 min to our breakfast, 5 more to our ride to work, or even 10 to washing the dishes. What if we can give ourselves the gift of SLOWING DOWN?



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