How improv changed my life

I was recently asked about how improv theater changed my life. After a year of practicing it and submitting myself to public humiliation (which is how my ego perceives it), I’ve come to the conclusion that improv has changed me—for the best—in the following ways:

1. I don’t take myself too seriously, which gives me the freedom to make mistakes; therefore, allowing me to learn from them instead of being stuck fearing them.

2. I’m more patient with myself when I’m learning a new skill, which allows me to keep showing up for practice despite the uncomfortable feeling of incompetence.

3. I’m not afraid of having nothing to say, which makes me a better listener.

4. I’m more comfortable waiting until inspiration to act spontaneously arises. I trust that I’ll come up with the best idea if I only place my attention in the present moment.

5. I’m choosing more often to have fun than to be right, which makes my relationships more pleasant and stress free.

6. I’m more accepting of other people’s points of view, making me less judgemental and better at resolving conflict in effortless ways.

If you feel like trying it, The Center for the Performing Arts of Bonita Springs has an excellent program, 239-495-8989

PS: Despite appearances, we really came here to have fun.



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