Farewell cyber friends

I’m euthanizing my virtual self. From now on, I won’t be feeding my Facebook, Google, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter. I’ll keep writing on this blog and I’ll still be available via email. If you’re curious about my reasons, this is what inspired me: 1) What is “brain hacking”? 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper 2) HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis.
The most revolutionary thing we can do now is to euthanize our virtual selves. Real change can only happen in the real world.
While we spend countless hours “liking” each other’s Facebook posts and “following” each other’s virtual profiles, people in positions of power are making money with every “click” and creating laws in detriment of the majority. No cause has ever been fought from the comfort of a desk.
Knowing about the countless tragedies in the world and sharing them on social media, gives us a false sense of contributing to a noble cause and making a difference when in reality, it only makes us absent from what we can change – our local community.
“There is a God. And he’s made of time. There’s a devil, and he’s made of time. There are angels, miracles, and sins, and they’re all made of hours. On the shore of the lake with my friends that last time. I watched the kids play and thought of my boy and girl. I watched the husbands and wives and thought of the man I love. I walked to the water. I walked in. I stood there. Small waves and grace all around. Faith at the edge of the world. And I think, lucky me, that I still believe in it all. After all of this. And then a gift. A million clocks stopped in the city. Watches closed their eyes. Their hands folded. Their faces slept. The earth stopped turning. And time stood still for just a minute, just for us. The moon came out. The stars came out. Time was kind, after all.” From the play These Shining Lives.



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