Our lives are defined by the times we say NO

I’m an agreeable person for the most part. I was raised that way, respecting my elders and venerating the family above all. Nothing wrong with that, except when we do it in detriment of oneself.

After many years of pleasing out of politeness and social compliance, I realized that there was no time left for me, for the realization of my dreams. I saw this clearly when friends of mine showed me the artist’s way, where their individual expression was at the top of their priorities. I wondered then, how can I bring this into my life? That was five years ago. I can tell you now that the fulfilled life I have now is a consequence of a conscious effort to add time to my schedule to do the things that make my heart sing.

Time is our only currency, it’s really the only thing of value that we have. So saying NO to ANYTHING and ANYONE that distracts us from our mission on this planet defines our lifestyle. It’s the empty spaces versus the business that determines how we live.

I’m not promoting selfishness. If we eliminate time wasters–like social media, gossiping and the news–we’d still have time to attend to our dreams after taking care of our commitments.

Building the skills to master the activity we’re passionate about, takes many hours. If we wait until the perfect opportunity to find the time, we take the risk of dying without ever finding it.



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