About Marilu Holmes

imageAuthor | Broadcaster | Improv-Addict | Tango Dancer | Biz Owner | Mother | Lover of Life Above All

I am just an ordinary woman. I thought that my life’s purpose was to inspire women to find, nurture and speak clearly their intuitive and wise voices, until I realized that by focusing on helping others I was missing the point… that the only reason I’m alive is to outrageously be me, fearlessly and joyfully. In order to embody this realization, I had to muster the courage to live beyond my culture and history, free from the past and innocent into the future. I finally understood that inspiring others was a side effect of simply living an authentic life.

I co-own a small printing company in Florida with my husband. I hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and an Associate of Applied Science degree in film and TV production. I spent four years writing for a Venezuelan news radio station and a year as a reporter for a local TV channel before moving to the United States in 2000 with my husband. When our second child was born—in 2004—we opened our printing business.

My passion splits in 3 zones of genius – writing, dancing and broadcasting (which includes any kind of performing art).

For more info, visit http://www.MariluHolmes.com


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