I’m honored to perform with HARRY’S SENIOR MOMENT on Tue Jan 26th 8-9:30pm at Lee County Alliance for the Arts

“Harry” is an 82-year-old stage 4 cancer survivor whose experience with the support he received in improv classes inspired him to create his new improv family, dubbing it Harry’s Senior Moment. The Troupe is made up of a diverse group of improvisers, who have been inspired by Harry’s eagerness for sharing this popular art form with others in our community. At some point following another successful cancer treatment last year Harry Lichtcsien asked himself: “What do you do to keep yourself motivated to get up every morning when you’re 82 and have cancer? After telling the palliative care counselor that ‘what I really want is a job,’ I signed up for an improv class and it just lit me up. I decided this was my new job.”

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